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These are your first steps.

Every creation starts with that first phone call. We want to learn more about you and your needs. What are the problems you have with your current space and the goals you have for improving the area to make life easier? From the intended application, budget, no detail is too small in our process. We want to know everything, and we mean everything. We cannot achieve your vision unless we know it. 

For a creation to take shape, we need to see the space we are utilizing. Your home is an extension of you, and it is essential to understand your style and needs. Therefore, when we do our initial phone consultation, we will determine if we should begin by scheduling a time to visit your home or have you send us photos and measurements of the space you wish to change.   We want to establish an initial budget for the cabinetry, so we know it meets your needs on all levels.



The design follows the application, not the other way around.

The next phase is when we begin the process of bringing your creation to life. The length of our design phase will depend on the scope of your project. We start off by understanding your goals and desired budget. Based on our vast experience, we will look for creative ways to materialize your goals within your desired budget.

Depending on the size of your project, we may ask for a design contract. We charge for design work based upon the scope of the project so we can provide you with the best designers in the business Our design fees vary widely depending on the complexity of your request. Every design fee is credited to your contract amount should you decide to move ahead with Buckeye’s cabinets or closets.

At our Design Center, we will create your design and view sample material selections based upon our prior discussions  Design meetings begin with a concept design.  Sometimes this requires just one meeting; sometimes, a second meeting is needed for revisions based on your feedback after we review the initial design.

You will have a completed design at the end of our innovation meeting.

However, if you decide not to move forward with the project, our design is yours to keep as you have purchased it.



It’s time to make your vision becomes a reality!

Once you have taken the final step in signing your cabinetry or closet contract, Buckeye Custom Cabinets & Closets will order all materials necessary to complete your creation. We only use the highest quality materials. Additionally, we handle manufacturing in our facility. We will not outsource your build or installation, we do not cut corners, and use products made in the USA and Canada. We do not use Chinese imports for our wood. Once we have finished the manufacture of your creation, we will schedule an installation date that works for both our schedules.

*We offer a lifetime warranty on all of our cabinets, but we cannot provide this guarantee unless we perform the installation.



How the install works:

When it comes to our cabinets

Do you need a complete remodel along with our cabinetry?  We also own Organized Home Remodeling, an award-winning Design-Build remodeling company.  We are licensed to do all levels of remodeling.

Installations done by Buckeye are not a complete remodel and do not include replacing floors or walls. However, if you need these services, we will partner with our other company, Organized Home Remodeling, if these services are part of your vision. This allows you to have everything coordinated by one group.  We must work out the details of this step before the installation day.

When it comes to our closets

For your closet installation, you can choose to have us handle the demolition work, remove your existing system, patch & paint your walls, add flooring or lighting (if needed), and then install your new closet to make life easier. We also offer you rolling commercial grade clothing racks to ease the process of emptying your closet and protecting your clothes from getting wrinkled or damaged.  

At Buckeye Custom Cabinets & Closets, it is our goal to provide a top tier experience and a unique creation for you and your family. We have built our business and reputation on our process. We are happy to answer any additional questions that you may have. Call us today, and let us begin making your dream a reality! 

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