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Functional & Custom Bar

That final touch…your own custom bar

You’ve got your house just the way you want it, except for one thing; a custom bar. It’s always been your dream to complete your home with a fully functional bar. Now we’re here, now you have everything in place for it, you just need to make it. Imagine the perfect bar set up with glass storage, wine racks, holders for cocktail accessories, everything just the way you like it. You can even go a step further and tailor the design to fit your own beer tap!

Your ideas supported with our design

Your own private bar

The very first step in designing your custom bar is to start with the functional aspects you would like to include. What will be the overall focus, will you have spirits, beer, and/or wine?  Will you have a full-sized refrigerator or small “beverage fridge”?  Would you like to build with the idea of installing a beer tap? How would you store glassware and simple cleaning products? With that in mind, we have many options to choose from to personalize your bar.

A classy establishment

Think back to that fantasy of having your very own bar; what does it look like? What materials and colors did it have to make it fit in with your dream? Dark polished wood is a fantastic choice if you’re trying to recreate a miniature English pub. You can choose a rustic wood if your dream is a western-style saloon. Go with bold colors for an atomic retro style.

Skip a trip to the pub

Everyone has their favorite bar, why not have yours at home? Color, style, material, these all come together to make your dream space a reality. We offer a wide array of choices for you to choose from to tailor your creation to fit your lifestyle. Glistening glassware and cold beer on tap, your bar is open for business!

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