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Functional & Custom Wall Units

When a shelf just isn’t enough.

Wall units come in many shapes, styles, and satisfy various needs. Are you looking for something in your family room around the fireplace? How about additional clothing storage with a television spot in a bedroom, or storage in a finished basement? Our wall units consider your lifestyle needs. It’s customized for your needs and your space, not everyone else’s. A totally custom and functional wall unit to fit your needs.

Your ideas supported with our design

Innovate your home

Think about your living room for a moment. Picture what you would add, what would organize your home entertainment? Will you have a sleek LED light bank for a display or that modern bookshelf you’ve always dreamed of? Why not both and add a wire management chase for power cords? Don’t want cords – we can do your lighting with remote control.

Imagine your new creation

Think about your space for a moment; how do you want it to look? A wall unit in the living room is going to be the focal point. Imagine how your creation looks to make it fit with your furniture? Have you downsized into a smaller space? Having a wall unit designed for your new bedroom can double as storage for clothing as well as a place to hang your television and provide storage for miscellaneous items.

Unique and done your way

Your custom wall unit done your way is a statement. Color, style, material, these all come together to make your dream a reality. We offer a wide array of choices for you to choose from to tailor your wall unit to fit in perfectly in your home and its decor.

Problems turn into ideas & we have solutions

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