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The “DEB”

A new way to dry clothes

The DEB is a patent-pending cabinet exclusive to Buckeye Custom Cabinets and Closets LLC. One of our customers, “Deb,” challenged us to create a cabinet allowing her to dry clothes she didn’t want in her dryer without having to string them all over the house. We put on our thinking caps and created a cabinet where clothes can be air-dried. We quickly realized how much of a breakthrough we made, drying delicate clothes has never become easier!



The DEB will revolutionize how we look at drying delicate clothing. No longer will you have to drape clothes all over the house. The DEB can be made to fit the look of cabinetry we are designing for any area making it ideal for any location of the home. Perhaps you need more clothing storage and plan to build a wall unit in your bedroom? The DEB can also be built into your wall unit to match as well.

How it works

Air is pulled into the top of the cabinet and filters through the clothing. The motor then either pushes the air out a toe kick vent, or the cabinet can be vented like your clothes dryer depending on the location of the installed cabinet. Vented cabinetry will dry about 20% faster than an unvented cabinet. Humidity conditions, cabinet location, and size of the room all impact drying times.  The average drying time is 4-8 hours, based on the items that are drying.

A delicate touch

The DEB is absolutely perfect for delicate clothes you don’t want to take a tumble in the dryer. Shrinkage, delicate material, or shoes that will clunk or rattle in your dryer now have a dryer of their very own. We created the DEB to become that one accessory you couldn’t live without. Once you see your DEB in action, you’ll simply ask: How did I live before this?

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